Handbook of Costume Accessories

Diane Favell Giles Favell
An introduction to both traditional and new techniques of making Costume props and accessories for
Stage and Media use.
COSTUME ACCESSORIES works through a cross-section of practical projects, with Histories, making
instructions, and order-of-works, supported with photographs and drawings throughout. Examples include canes and hats, crowns and lorgnettes, and very much more - all with the object of exercising a wide variety of techniques and approaches to the craft.
Methods include: Millinery; leather-work; glove making; metal-work; jewellery work; bead-work; crochet; embroidery; 3D printing; CNC routing; chainmaille.
Much of the work may be familiar, such as leather-work - but the book introduces techniques less often seen in theatre, which are now very much more available and practical to use. The changing world of the internet enables us to buy much more - but also the extraordinary (affordable) technology of small CNC machines enables us to make things in new, different ways as well.
Handbook of Costume Accessories by Diane Favell Giles Favell

About the author

Diane Favell is Head of Wardrobe at RADA and has a workshop where she works on her Silversmithing.

Giles Favell is has a wealth of knowledge and is currently a Theatre Consultant and Stage Engineering Designer. In his workshop Giles works on miniature engineering and mechanical animation projects

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