Mime the Gap

Richard Knight
Mime the Gap: Techniques in Mime and Movement explores the physicality of movement in storytelling, offering new ideas about acting and performance, whilst encouraging a contemporary resurgence of this traditional performance art. With detailed, step-by-step instructions of basic to advanced mime illusions, the book addresses the key areas of physicality, including when to move and when not to move, making the invisible 'visible' and the fundamental principles of physical articulation. Additional topics include how to use the elements of Fire, Earth, Water and Air for physical characterization; techniques for performing classic mime routines, such as the Glass Box and the Moonwalk; how to mime with props and objects, both visible and invisible; using breath, posture and gesture to enhance performance and perceptions, and finally, creating and producing an authentic performance. Offering numerous exercises suitable for solo or group work, this new book will help you to explore and develop your physicality and build an awareness of how to apply it to a performance.
Mime the Gap by Richard Knight

About the author

Richard Knight has been performing, directing and teaching in the theatre, film and television industry for over thirty years. His film work in motion capture and mime consultancy includes The Avengers: Age of Ultron, Suffragette and Sweeny Todd, in addition to BBC programmes such as Strictly Come Dancing. He has taught in many of the UK's top drama schools and theatre companies, including the Royal Shakespeare Company, The National Theatre and the Royal School of Art. Richard trained with mime legend Jacques Lecoq and is a specialist in mime, physical theatre, clown, mask and Commedia dell'Arte.