MGB - The superlative MG

David Knowles
The MGB was a great British success story, a product largely conceived, designed and produced by a small team of dedicated people who genuinely cared about their work. Of course, the MGB came from a proud, successful sports car tradition, and the model it replaced - the revolutionary aerodynamic MGA - had been an unprecedented success - so the new car had big shoes to fill. Launching in 1962 and in production for eighteen years, the MGB became one of the most successful sports cars the world has ever known. This book describes how the MGB arose principally from the ideas of one man, MG's Chief Engineer, Syd Enever, how it was designed and developed, how it survived and thrived, and how it became the classic car still highly regarded today. There have been many previous books about the MGB, and the related MGC and V8 variants, but MGB - The superlative MG reaches a new level of detail together seasoned with fresh insight. David Knowles has been researching and writing about the MGB for more than thirty years. Prepare to be surprised at some of the stories you will have never read before, and new twists on some you possibly thought you knew well.
MGB - The superlative MG by David Knowles

About the author

David Knowles has become synonymous with MG history, especially the post-war story which peaked during the period covered by this book. Although by profession he is a Chartered Civil Engineer, he has been writing, principally about MG and Triumph sports cars, for over thirty years, and is always looking for fresh nuggets to share with fellow enthusiasts.

Press Reviews

The first-hand accounts from people who were involved with the car bring the story to life and will be a valuable archive in years to come. This book is an essential read for every MGB owner and enthusiast.

- Andrew Vigor MGB Registrar

MG expert David Knowles has written a definitive new book on the MGB (the superlative MG).

- Steve Cropley - Autocar

Comprehensive and definitive, this really is a book every MGB enthusiast should have on the bookshelf.

- John Pressnell, reviewer Enjoying MG

Packed from cover to cover with information on a wide range of aspects of the ‘B’, this book is a must for anyone interested in the history and development of Abingdon's mot successful sports car. Definitely one for the bookshelf!

- Peter Neal, Reviewer MG Car Club

The MGB often suffers for its ubiquity, passed over as a story that needs no further explanation or insight. It’s a view particularly prevalent among those who write magazines and those who avidly consume them, and one that is challenged expertly by David Knowles in his new coffee-table book on the subject, timed to coincide with its 60th birthday. An engaging book that leaves no stone unturned.

- Classic & Sports Car reviewer

An absolute must-have.

- Pim van der Veer - Editor

There have been a number of good books on the MGB over the years by some big names in the MG world; but they don't hold a candle to this one. Buy this book, you won't regret it. Every page is a delight!

- The MG Driver