Morris Minor Restoration Manual

Ray Newell
Post-war Morris Minors survive in large numbers, but the passage of time since the first models were launched in 1948 means that many require full or partial restoration. The Morris Minor Restoration Manual provides a wealth of information about the model range, specifications, parts availability and the practical skills required to complete essential tasks. Showcasing skills gained in the restoration of a number of models, including a historically significant Morris 1000 two-door saloon, it gives advice and guidance on a range of specific restoration techniques, which are illustrated and explained in detail.
Morris Minor Restoration Manual by Ray Newell

About the author

Well known author Ray Newell, a long-term owner and enthusiast of the Morris Minor marque, has worked collaboratively with experienced restorers and knowledgeable members of the Morris Minor Owners Club to not only oversee the completion of the ambitious restoration of the last Morris Minor two-door saloon to leave the production line in 1970 but to also provide detailed technical and practical advice for anyone undertaking the restoration of a Morris Minor.

Press Reviews

I like the fact that, not least because of its size, it feels like a ‘modern’ Haynes manual; full colour, step-by-step guides and aimed at DIY mechanics.
The manual showcases skills required and gives advice and guidance on a range of specific restoration techniques. These are explained in detail and illustrated with examples of numerous cars.

- John Carroll, Morris Minors Owners Club Magazine

An excellent reference book compiled by Morris Minor guru and author, Ray Newell. I'm sure it will become the 'go-to book' for the home Minor restoration owners.

- Russ Harvey, Heritage Commercials Magazine

Providing a wealth of technical information and advice on all aspects of Minor restoration, this will be the best £35 you spend on your Minor resto project.

- Matt Tomkins, Practical Classics

This should be a major part of any Minor owner's armoury - whether currently taking on a restoration or if it's something a few years away

- Richard Gunn, Classic Car Weekly