Porsche 911 GT3

Johnny Tipler
One of the most exciting models ever released by Porsche, the first 911 GT3 was introduced in 1999, based on the then-current 996 coupé, suitably modified as a contender in the FIA GT3 championship category. Successive iterations of the 911 GT3 – the 997 GT3, 991 GT3 and present-day 992 GT3 – were similarly adapted from the contemporary production-line model, with mechanical and aerodynamic upgrades, constructed at the Stuttgart-based company’s Zuffenhausen plant, with upgraded performance in RSR, R and Cup versions applied by its nearby Weissach competition department and test track. With over 300 stunning images, most previously unpublished, including professional photos, factory archive pictures and specially commissioned artworks, and featuring several interviews with Porsche heroes intimately concerned with GT3s in build and in competition, this book tells the thrilling story of a masterpiece of design and technology on road and track.
Porsche 911 GT3 by Johnny Tipler

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About the author

Johnny Tipler is a motoring writer and historian, based in north Norfolk, with more than 40 books published on a variety of automotive topics, ranging from marque and model histories to Formula 1 racing cars, motorcycles, trucks and heavy equipment, plus driver biographies and legendary race sagas. He writes regularly for a number of specialist car magazines, reviewing products old and new, interviewing famous drivers and industry figures, and reporting on international historic race meetings and long-distance classic rallies.

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