The Rootes Story Vol 2- The Chrysler Years

Geoff Carverhill
The Rootes Story – The Chrysler Years focuses on the Rootes Group during the 1960s and 70s, the vehicles produced by the company, the people that created them and the events that led to Rootes selling out to Chrysler Corporation of America and eventual acquisition by the French Peugeot company. A valuable backdrop to the events is provided throughout the book by ex- Rootes employees and management. Chronicles the Rootes Group’s efforts to survive as a major car and truck manufacturer in Britain’s turbulent 1960s and 1970s. From a position as a respected global name in manufacturing, the Rootes Group found itself struggling to compete in a new buyers’ market, in which foreign competition was starting to overtake British manufacturers. Despite the challenges that confronted them, Rootes designed and built some of the most popular cars of the period: the Hillman Minx and Super Minx, the Singer Vogue and the Humber Sceptre, and the iconic but ill-fated Hillman Imp, as well as some of the most rugged and well-purposed vans and trucks, built by Commer, Karrier and Dodge. The book highlights the competition pedigree of the Sunbeam Rapier, the Alpine, the Imp and the Ford V8-engined Tiger. Famous names such as Paddy Hopkirk, Rosemary Smith and Peter Procter all give their stories as works drivers for Rootes, while engineers at ‘comps’ tell the background stories of how races and rallies were won and lost. Andrew Cowan, Rootes’ works rally driver and winner of the 1968 London–Sydney Marathon in a Hillman Hunter, shares his story in what was a remarkable and unexpected victory for Rootes. This complex story is told through the eyes of ex-Rootes and Chrysler personnel, giving ‘from the horse’s mouth’ accounts of the company and its exploits. Geoff Carverhill takes you inside the boardroom, into the drawing office and on to the production line to give the reader an insider’s view of Rootes, Chrysler and Peugeot.
The Rootes Story Vol 2- The Chrysler Years by Geoff Carverhill

About the author

Geoff Carverhillis an automotive journalist and historian, the author of many magazine articles on both well-known and obscure classic cars. As a specialist in American automotive history, he is a regular contributor to Classic American magazine. He is also a freelance photographer and music reviewer. This is his third book, following The Commer Story and The Rootes Story – The Making of a Global Automotive Empire’ both published by Crowood.

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