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Celebration of English Wine

By Liz Sagues

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ISBN: 9780719826146
PUBLISHED: 28/03/2018
PAGES: 176
BINDING: Paperback
SIZE: 246x189 mm
INSIDE: 177 colour photographs

English wine has greatly changed in recent years. Royalty and heads of government drink it and pour it for foreign dignitaries; it is sold to some thirty wine-drinking nations and even beats champagne in blind tasting challenges. Its main grape varieties are major international names and its makers are skilled professionals. From a largely amateur-instigated cottage industry it has become an increasingly serious, quality-led commercial proposition - one that regularly makes news at home and abroad.

This book explains why and how that has come about, telling the story of winemaking in England from the Romans to the present day. Most of all, it celebrates the wine itself and the people who make it. Its pages takes readers on a virtual tour of many of the UK's most significant vineyards, long established or comparatively new, in the southern heartland of vine growing, on the western and northern fringes or at points in between. The reader will meet men and women whose expertise, character and belief have created wines of which all Britons can be truly proud.

Foreword by Oz Clarke

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Latest Reviews
" It seems fitting that we open this edition's review with a gem of a book about the world of English Wine. What I love about this book (and I do love so much about it) is the rapid pace that the story moves along at, and no detail is dealt with to the extent that it holds up a very good story. This is going to become the go-to tome for those of us who are interested in either learning about the world of English wine, or who know a little bit but want the holes in their knowledge patching over. Liz Sagues provides so much of both that you'll feel pleased that she has put in the leg work so you don't have to. "
Review Type: Press
Reviewed By: Winefullness Magazine

" In researching this project, Liz has admirably done the necessary legwork, visiting a comprehensive representation of sparkling producers who aspire to excellence in the English wine revival. "
Review Type: Press
Reviewed By: World of Fine Wine

" This is a much-needed book and Liz Sagues has chosen a good time to write it. Sagues writes an excellent, well-researched account of the history of wine in the UK. "
Review Type: Press
Reviewed By:

" Sague's comprehensive approach to the subject is something that has until now been absent. "
Review Type: Press
Reviewed By: The Wine Merchant

" I was unaware that Liz had written what turns out to be the definitive guide on wines from GB and it seems I'm not the only one. It's a vital book for those who want to know more about this burgeoning business of English wine (Liz explains that this term includes Welsh wine and distinguishes English from British wine). Laura Clay - AWE Newsletter "
Review Type: Press
Reviewed By: Association of Wine Educators Newsletter

" The book that brings the story of wine in England and Wales to everyone who is interested in drinking it. A 2,000-year account. Inspiration and information combined! "
Review Type: Press
Reviewed By: English Wine Producers

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