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Strength and Conditioning for Judo

By Andy Burns , Mike Callan

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ISBN: 9781785002564
PUBLISHED: 25/01/2017
PAGES: 160
BINDING: Paperback
SIZE: 242x172 mm
INSIDE: 139 colour photographs and diagrams

Judo is a dynamic Olympic sport that requires a wide range of physical attributes and skills. It is the second largest participation sport in the world after football, and estimates suggest there are 20 million judoka (practitioners of judo) just in Europe. However strength and conditioning are prerequisites for an aspiring judoka, and this book is essential reading for judo coaches, strength and conditioning professionals, and judoka alike.

Topics covered include:

  • Needs analysis of judo
  • Building strength and delivering power
  • Co-ordination, speed and agility
  • The importance of nutrition
  • Injury prevention and maximizing recovery

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" I recently purchased this book. I do not know the authors. This book is incredible. It's very concise and practical. This book reflects the training philosophy. I cant recommend this book anymore highly. It's a great resource for Grappling Athletes and Coaches. "
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Posted By: Gregg Humphreys

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