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Architecture of British Seaside Piers

By Fred Gray

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ISBN: 9781785007132
PUBLISHED: 28/07/2020
PAGES: 224
BINDING: Hardback
SIZE: 246x189 mm
INSIDE: 197 colour photographs and 123 black & white photographs

Of all the architectural delights of British seaside resorts, the most astonishing and idiosyncratic is the seaside pier. Remarkable visual spectacles, piers are architecturally extraordinary in concept and at times outrageous in execution. They brought together the Victorian genius for technological and material innovation, architectural ambition and engineering ingenuity in the search for new designs for leisure (as well as profit) over the sea. This superbly illustrated book explores the history of the design processes leading to the architectural and engineering innovations that have allowed people to walk on water in such diverse and delightful ways.

Coverage includes:

  • The development of piers into the crowning architectural glory of British seaside resorts
  • The key people, materials, inventions and technologies in the field, particularly the work of Eugenius Birch, the greatest pier designer
  • The remarkable diversity of piers ranging from the earliest simple landing stages, through staid promenade piers and the glories of fully-fledged pleasure piers, to the boisterous joys of funfair and amusement piers
  • The rich variety of architectural styles, including exotic 'Orientalism' and streamlined Modernism
  • Today's contemporary prospects for renewal and reinvention

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" This is a beautifully produced book on seaside pier architecture and engineering that is both a fascinating and illuminating read and one highly recommended. "
Review Type: Press
Reviewed By: PIERS, the Journal of the National Piers Society

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