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Complete Deer Stalker - From Field to Larder

By Larry Fowles

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ISBN: 9781785008542
PUBLISHED: 26/05/2021
PAGES: 160
BINDING: Paperback
SIZE: 246x189 mm
INSIDE: 214 colour photographs & diagrams

Deer stalking entails much more than walking the countryside with a rifle; there is a great deal to be considered prior to lacing boots and donning a green fleece. It is often said that the real work starts after the trigger has been squeezed. This book looks at all aspects of the pursuit, with clear explanations accompanied by advice, images and anecdotes. In addition, there is a unique reference chapter of all potential conditions a deer may suffer from, with full descriptions and images, and advice on suitability for entering the food chain.

Specific coverage includes:

  • Laws, leases and making a start obtaining an FAC
  • The necessary equipment in this technological age
  • Deer species, with identifying images
  • Deer senses and how they shape our approach to them
  • Shot placement and maximum shooting distances
  • The importance of bullet design and its effect on the carcass
  • Stalking activities by month through the year
  • After the stalk - sticking, initial evisceration, inspection and recovery
  • At the larder - hygiene, and who needs to register as a food business
  • Inspecting the carcass, with a library of images showing conditions

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