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Mole Catching - A Practical Guide

By Jeff Nicholls

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ISBN: 9781847970589
PAGES: 112
BINDING: Hardback
SIZE: 235x165 mm
INSIDE: 75 colour photographs and diagrams

If you are a gardener, groundsman, smallholder or farmer and have a 'mole problem', then this book will be of enormous help to you. Pest-control books normally only devote a paragraph or two to moles and rarely cover the subject in detail. This volume is very different and is probably one of the most comprehensive books ever written on mole trapping. Throughout the book, Jeff Nicholls, a professional mole catcher, reveals his enormous respect for the mole and emphasizes the absulute need to control these rarely seen animals using humane and traditional methods that have been proven to work effectively.

At the outset the author discusses the natural history of the mole and explains its characteristics and behaviour, an understanding of which is essential if successful catching techniques are to be applied. He then discusses in detail the traditional and humane methods he uses in different terrain and weather conditions, considers how to locate mole runs, describes all the different types of traps that can be employed and explains how to set the traps correctly.

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