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EM34 British Post-War Jungle Webbing

By Simon Howlett

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ISBN: 9781847970862
BINDING: Paperback
SIZE: 260x190 mm
INSIDE: 160 colour photographs

After World War Two the rapid advance of communism and associated political instability threatened Great Britain's interests in the Far East. From 1948 until around 1967, troops were deployed throughout the Malaysian region. To equip the British soldier and Commonwealth troops for jungle warfare the 1944 pattern 'jungle' webbing, designed during World War Two, was issued. In the 1960s, the new 1958 pattern equipment was issued to troops serving in Borneo, alongside the existing 1944 pattern set. Both patterns of equipment were unofficially customized and formally modified to meet the needs of individual jungle soldiers and the tough environment, and to keep up with the rapid innovation of small-arms technology.

This book details the evolution of British post-war jungle webbing equipment and examines the items used specifically during the Malayan Emergency and later, the Borneo Confrontation.

Brought together into one reference book, the contents include: Components of post-war 1944 pattern webbing 1944 pattern equipment modifications 1944 pattern ancillary webbing items, bayonets and radio packs Small arms used during the conflicts, and carriage of their ammunition Special forces bespoke webbing Typical customisation of infantry belt kits Items comprising the 1958 pattern webbing equipment set

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