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EM35 Modern British Webbing Equipment

By Simon Howlett

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ISBN: 9781847971401
BINDING: Paperback
SIZE: 260x190 mm
INSIDE: 160 colour photographs

Since the end of World War Two and the increasing threat of Nuclear, Biological and Chemical [NBC] warfare during the Cold War, equipment designers have focused on building NBC protection and decontamination into the British soldier's webbing equipment. The capabilities of 1958-pattern webbing were known to be very poor, yet it was not until the exposure of its shortcomings during the Falklands War of 1982 that a suitable nylon-based load-carrying equipment was developed.

This book explores the development of British webbing equipment starting with the 1958-pattern equipment right up to modern-day modular concepts.

Contents include: The 1958 pattern webbing Experimental webbing concepts Person Load Carrying Equipment [PLCE] Chest webbing Modular webbing [MOLLE] Osprey and Kestrel body armour equipment Small Arms 80 [SA80] development Nuclear Biological and Chemical [NBC] equipment

RRP: £10.95

Site Price: £8.76

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