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Sheepdog Training and Trials - A Complete Guide for Border Collie Handlers and Enthusiasts

By Nij Vyas

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ISBN: 9781847971906
PUBLISHED: 09/07/2010
PAGES: 208
SIZE: 242x172 mm
INSIDE: 104 colour photographs and 19 diagrams

This comprehensive book describes innovative ways of training sheepdogs and addresses a number of subjects that have not been adequately covered in previous publications; such as working with sensitive dogs and dogs lacking in confidence, the 'square movement', and the 'concept of opposites'. Written by an acknowledged expert, Sheep Dog Training and Trials discusses in a variety of settings new concepts such as the author's theory of 'passive resistance' and the 'pressure on-off technique'. In addition, the author considers ways of optimizing a dog's health, energy, fitness and peak performance.

This fascinating book presents contributions from four world-renowned handlers, including the twice world champion, Aled Owen, which examine the factors that have influenced them and made them successful.

"Nij has produced this fine book, which combines personal experiences with skilful guidelines for anyone wishing to be trained on how to train sheepdogs ... it is one of the most entertaining and revealing books about a rural skill that I have ever read." John Craven OBE, presenter of BBC Countryfile

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Latest Reviews
" It is not often that one comes across a dog training book that is both pleasurable to read and contains some novel dog training ideas but this book achieves just that. Definitely one for your Christmas wish list. "
Review Type: Press
Reviewed By: Working Trials Monthly

" This is a valuable and thought provoking addition to the sheepdog handler's library. Its emphasis throughout is on working with the dog and adapting handling technique and method to the individual pupil. I commend it wholeheartedly. "
Review Type: Press
Reviewed By: International SheepDog News

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