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Drawing and Painting Birds

By Tim Wootton

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ISBN: 9781847972248
PUBLISHED: 03/12/2010
PAGES: 160
BINDING: Paperback
SIZE: 280x220 mm
INSIDE: 423 colour illustrations

Birds are much admired, revered and envied. They have featured in art for many thousands of years and our fascination with them continues. They do though pose a challenge to paint and are not always the most cooperative of models. By understanding their anatomy and recognising their type, the artist can learn a shorthand way to capture movement and attitude. With technique and colour mastered, style develops and a special scene can be captured uniquely forever.

  • Explains bird types and how identifying specific similarities can help the artist
  • Advises on painting in the field, using photographs and working in the studio
  • Describes how to paint plumage and birds in flight
  • Demonstrates how to compose a painting with emphasis on the birds' habitat
  • Gives insights into painting birds from 30 leading artists, as well as illustrations of their work, including John Busby, Robert Bateman and Charles Tuncliffe

Tim Wootton is the winner of the Birdwatch Artist of the Year 2011 Award

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Latest Reviews
" More than 20 books about drawing and painting birds have been published since Charles Tunnicliffe's Bird Portraiture in 1945. Here comes another one written by Tim Wootton, a keen birder living in Stromness Orkney. He makes a living as a nature painter, has participated in numerous exhibitions and been rewarded internationally. He works mostly outside and paints in a spontaneous, British style with traditions from John Busby and Eric Ennion.
It's four years ago that Crowood Press asked Wootton to write an instructive, informative, and inspiring book about bird portraiture to be published a year or so later. He accepted the challenge but also realized the obvious problems with teaching a subject so completely relying on one's own observations and dynamic interaction between the teacher and the student, as he writes on his blog.
After many sleepless nights he decided to ask his peers for contributions to his book. 33 of the best in the genre submitted more than 200 illustrations - from John Threlfall's simplistic watercolor sketches to Robert Bateman's large, detailed oils.
But Wootton himself has written the text and painted most of the pictures. He concentrates on pencil drawing and anatomy and puts special efforts into the chapter Drawing Bird Types. Because a bird is not just a bird we can't draw them all the same way. The author explains the anatomy of ducks, parrots, corvids etc., starts with a pencil drawing of the bird's skeleton, then adds flesh and feathers, goes on to a simple sketch and finally works his way to a finished drawing.
This approach is very well-reasoned and very pedagogic. The pictures are also first-class but sometimes too dark in print, which is a pity considering the substantial work the author has put down. But the book is full of good advice from someone who really knows his subject. And yes, it definitely fills a gap despite the considerable competition. Drawing and Painting Birds is by far the best book on drawing birds ever published. "
Review Type: Press
Reviewed By: Mans Sjoberg in Anser, the magazine of the Swedish Ornithological Society

" Through eight chapters Tim Wootton has skilfully pulled together a very readable text and a plethora of artworks by over 30 (mainly current) artists delivering a fine mixture of artwork (usually three or four examples per page) in a broad array of styles, which makes page-turning a pleasurable expectation. All in all this book contains very solid and tested advice on all aspects of bird drawing and will, I believe, prove to be of real use not only to the novice bird artist but also to those already with experience. "
Review Type: Press
Reviewed By: British Birds

" Read 'Flighty Subjects' in Artists & Illustrators, May issue. Had to have a look. I love and paint birds in the garden. This book would be inspirational for me and is definitely on my wish list, watch this space thanks for the viewing. Sylia "
Review Type: Customer
Posted By: Sylvia Burman

" Lets just say I wake up very tired as I can't seem to put it down when I begin to read it just before bed. Not only is the text addictive but the pages are decorated from top to bottom with amazing artwork from some of my favourite artists and now new favourite artists. Every aspect of bird art is covered in the book and takes you through each necessary step to get you started until you have reached completion on a finished piece.
The beauty of any art book is its ability to relate to and inspire the beginner such as myself as well as a master of the field and this book does just that. "
Review Type: Press
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