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Maintaining Longcase Clocks - An Owner's Guide to Maintenance, Restoration and Conservation

By Nigel Barnes , Austin Jordan

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ISBN: 9781847975218
PUBLISHED: 15/07/2013
PAGES: 192
BINDING: Hardback
SIZE: 246x189 mm
INSIDE: 300 colour photographs

Longcase clocks were invidually hand-made during the golden age of change that took place between the late seventeenth and mid-nineteenth centuries. Longcase clocks with their seventeenth century clock-making technology were innovative and incorporated an accurate pendulum clock within an attractive piece of domestic furnishing.

The authors provide detailed information about how longcase clocks work and how they are made. They also cover the theory and the 'best practice' practical steps that are required in longcase clock maintenance, restoration and conservation.

  • Outlines the history and horological development of longcase clocks
  • Describes how longcase clocks can be dated
  • Considers materials, tools and equipment
  • Examines the movement and the associated simple, and more difficult, workshop procedures
  • Covers maintenance and effective repairs
  • Explains the more difficult woodwork procedures

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" I did the weekend clock repair course with Nigel which was excellent, but it was almost an after thought that I bought his book. It is a very detailed & very well explained book which I find an ideal reference book for ANY type of clock, especially for a complete novice like myself. "
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Posted By: Eamonn Casey

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