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Airlife's Airliners Vol. 10:- Airbus A310

By Gunter Endres

ISBN: 9781853109584
PUBLISHED: April 2000
PAGES: 128
BINDING: Paperback
SIZE: 297x210 mm
INSIDE: 110 colour photographs and 19 b/w line drawings

CONTENTS1. Background and Evolution. The decision to produce a short-range wide-bodied twin; whether the A310 should have been built before the A300; the complex politics of early Airbus production.2. Design and Production. The plans, concepts and parameters which led to the A310; full details of flight testing following the 3 April 1982 maiden flight; details of the manufacturing pertners.

3. Technical Specification. Full technical breakdown of the A310, including details of engine choices, the innovative two-crew flightdeck, flight controls, air conditioning, hydraulic systems and landing gear, cabin interior, and protective systems and emergency equipment.4. In service. Details of the service life of the A310 from its entry into service in 10 April 1983 with Lufthansa on a Frankfurt-Stuttgart sector to the present.

5. Airline Operators Photographs and details of the a310 in service.6. Accidents and Incidents

7. Production History An aircraft-by-aircraft comprehensive tabular listing of constructor's number, series details, first commercial operator, first registration, first flight and delivery details of all 254 A310s.

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