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Artist Blacksmith - Design and Techniques

By Peter Parkinson

ISBN: 9781861264282
PAGES: 160
BINDING: Hardback
SIZE: 260x215 mm
INSIDE: colour throughout

The Artist Blacksmith is the essential handbook for anyone interested in bringing a creative, contemporary approach to this ancient craft, and for those already hooked who want to improve and expand their skills.

Topics covered include: the range and use of tools and materials; fundamental blacksmithing processes; working at the anvil, drawing down, bending, upsetting and spreading, hot cutting, punching, and finally, twisting and joining.

Illustrated with over 200 diagrams and photographs, The Artist Blacksmith will provide an introduction to the beginner and valuable information for the more experienced smith looking to expand their workshop.

RRP: £19.95

Site Price: £15.96

E-Book Edition: £14.99 (incl. VAT)

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" Peter Parkinson has been a working artist blacksmith in England since 1979, with several years of art and design schooling prior to taking up the hammer. His well-disciplined background in art is abundantly evident in both the quantity and the quality of the illustrations in this excellent book. The color photos are clear and readable, properly edited and cropped to convey the message with no spurious content to confuse the viewer. The lighting in the photos has been handled in a very professional manner that reveals the minutest detail without offending shadows or glaring highlights. If all blacksmithing books were produced with such high quality illustrations it would be a joy, but most are filled with photos that are so difficult to read that they serve no useful purpose. Parkinson is a consummate art photographer and his photos truly are worth a thousand words. Where appropriate, Parkinson supplements the text and photos with excellent clear line drawings. This book may only be 159 pages, but the illustrations give it the power to convey the information of a much longer book.
Until I read this book, I have generally recommended a list of three or four books for beginning blacksmiths to read. Now I would feel quite comfortable recommending this book alone, in place of Andrews, Bealer and Weygers. Even with the sometimes 'interesting' British speech mannerisms, this book is more understandable, more entertaining, and more effective as a teaching tool than any of the others. Blacksmiths of every level of experience will find many things of inspiration, interest and value between the covers of this fine work. "
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