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Organic Vegetable Production - A Complete Guide

By Gareth Davies , Margi Lennartsson

ISBN: 9781861267887
PAGES: 352
BINDING: Paperback
SIZE: 234x156 mm
INSIDE: 50 black & white photographs, 13 diagrams

In association with the Henry Doubleday Research Association

Organic Vegetable Production provides and invaluable, practical guide to the production of organic vegetables across a range of organic farming systems in temperate areas.

The book covers all aspects of production, including crop choice, fertility building and weed, pest and disease management within a framework of rotation design and business planning. The specific needs of a range of commonly grown vegetable crops are discussed in detail.

The authors consider that knowledge-gathering, marketing and financial management are integral parts of organic vegetable production and these subjects are examined in depth. Speciality topics as protected cropping and storage are covered. The book highlights the technical and economic consequences of converting from conventional to organic production and the challenges that can arise.

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