No Fire Without Smoke

By Mark P. Lynch
PAGES: 160
SIZE: 186x123 mm

Danny Roden's Travelling Jamboree and Medicine Show pulls into Bradbury, hoping for a peaceful trip. But trouble quickly finds them in the shape of Jack Donovan.

After a failed robbery attempt, Donovan disrupts the lady sharpshooter Smoke Winters' act. The bullets are soon flying... and the targets are all human. Before sunset, leaving a trail of blood in their wake, Donovan and his men flee town, kidnapping a small girl and taking her with them.

With no one prepared to go after the outlaws and rescue the girl, the task is left to Smoke Winters. To win the child back she must travel to the near-deserted frontier town of Inferno, and confront not only Jack Donovan but also the demons of her own past.

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