Rawhide Justice

By Ralph Hayes
PAGES: 160
SIZE: 186x123 mm

When O'Brien, a handsome young drifter comes across Uriah Cahill downed beside his camp-fire and about to be torn apart by a pack of wolves, he steps in and dispatches the marauders with deadly shots. Cahill explains that he is on his way to join a buffalo-hunting outfit run by Elias Walcott and persuades him to come along.

The unexpected death of one young hunter raises questions about the company's foreman, McComb, who is unwilling to let anyone stop him winning Walcott's daughter. But when it becomes clear to O'Brien that the desirable Molly Walcott has fallen passionately in love with him he and Cahill decide it is time to move on.

Fate however, has other ideas. O'Brien and Cahill hear of a large grazing herd of buffalo near Wichita, but their erstwhile boss Elias gets the same news. The lure is irresistible to both parties and they set off towards what looks to be a bloody confrontation...

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