By Paul Bedford
PAGES: 160
SIZE: 186x123 mm

When Martha Pootes watched the three Union soldiers approach her parent's farm in Kentucky, she had no inkling of the stark horror they would bring. Raped and left for dead, the young woman manages to impart a very sketchy description of her attackers before breathing her last.

Returning to General Grant's Army Of The Tennessee, the men believe that they are in the clear. Unfortunately for them, Martha's uncle just happens to be a Deputy United States Marshal. Knowing only that one of the rapists has a powder burn under his right eye, the marshal joins Grant's forces. But being part of an invading army means that he is not only in mortal danger from the fugitives. There is also the very real risk that in pursuing them, Pootes could be shot by the Confederates defending Fort Henry on the Tennessee River. And that's only the start of it all!

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