100 School Exercises for Teaching Riding

Claire Lilley
In this book, you will find exercises for all levels of horse and rider, from novice level to advanced, in both dressage and jumping, including the use of props in training. The author shows how exercises can be combined to create the optimum learning experience for rider and horse, both from a teaching perspective and for solo training – a ‘teacher in a book’. Claire Lilley draws on her many years of experience as a riding coach, with insight from being a student in her formative years. She explains exercises from the teacher's perspective: what to look for, and key teaching points to consider.
The last section of exercises is for development as a teacher, inviting the riding teacher to evaluate their own skills so as to improve their coaching methods. Suggestions are given to improve coaching methods, such as observational skills of the physical and mental capacities of both horse and rider. Finally, training plans are given, using the exercises in practice, with consideration as to whether lessons are individual, shared or group, as well as lesson location. This book will be a valuable resource for riding instructors and pupils alike, a welcome addition to the teacher's library.
100 School Exercises for Teaching Riding by Claire Lilley

About the author

Claire Lilley runs her own yard in Wiltshire offering training for young horses, remedial schooling, and rider training on her own schoolmasters. She competes on her own horses at various levels up to Grand Prix in dressage. She is the author of 'Schooling with Ground Poles', 'The Problem-free Horse' and 'Dressage to Music', all published by J.A. Allen. Claire is a listed dressage judge and runs regular clinics in Sweden. To find out more about Claire, visit her website: www.clairelilley.com

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