A History of the Leyland Bus

Ron Phillips
A beautifully illustrated history of the Leyland bus, one of the most important British buses of the twentieth century. With full production histories and technical specifications for all the major models, A History of the Leyland Bus also includes the evolution of the Leyland Bus company, and tells the full story behind the iconic Leyland badge. Including some previously unseen illustrations, the book covers a full company history - from beginnings as the Lancashire Steam Motor Company in 1886, to the acquisition by Volvo Buses in 1988. Technical details of all the main models are given including the Lion, Titan and Olympic ranges. Gearless buses and rear-engined double-deckers are covered as well as charabancs, trolleybuses, First World War military vehicles and overseas models. A History of the Leyland Bus will be an essential guide to these much-treasured vehicles.
A History of the Leyland Bus by Ron Phillips

About the author

Ron Phillips has had a lifelong interest in public transport, and was an eyewitness to the demise of the tramcar and the rise of the motorbus to its peak in the 1950s. Ron has written many articles and books on public transport since the 1960s. His favoured topics range from municipal bus systems in Britain, tramway history, bus operation in Spain and Portugal, British buses in China and Singapore, and the products of Leyland Motors. He is a member of the Leyland Society and an archivist at the British Commercial Vehicle Museum at Leyland.