A Knitter's Sketchbook

Emma Vining
Inspiration for twist and cable designs can be seen everywhere in the natural world and the urban environment, from the cracks in the pavement to building walls, posts and pillars. In A Knitter's Sketchbook: Design Inspiration for Twists and Cables, creative designer Emma Vining shares her experience of capturing pattern ideas in many diverse locations and settings, offering a design-led approach to creating unique knitting stitch patterns. This book can be used in many different ways: as a stitch library, a collection of knitting patterns or as a starting point to inspire designs for a personalized knitter's sketchbook.
A Knitter's Sketchbook by Emma Vining

About the author

Emma Vining is a creative designer, with a passion for all aspects of hand knitting and design. Her original designs regularly feature in publications as The Knitter Magazine and The Knitter Deutschland and she is a designer for the yarn company Yarn Stories. As an active member of the Knitting & Crochet Guild, she regularly contributes articles to Guild publications and represents the Guild at shows and events. Her design inspiration comes from both the natural world and the built environment. She enjoys visiting and participating in events at museums and galleries such as the Victoria & Albert Museum, London, where she is proud to be a volunteer.