A Player's Guide to Chamber Music

Paul Jeffery
Chamber music includes some of the world's greatest music. It is widely played in homes, without an audience, by players who are mostly amateurs, and much of the repertoire is playable even by those of quite moderate ability. Player's Guide to Chamber Music gives advice on what music is available and helps the player to identify what is suitable. It covers chamber music from the seventeenth to the later twentieth century and all instrumental combinations including strings, piano, wind instruments, duet sonatas and baroque ensembles. All the significant composers and musical aspects of playing are covered along with works suitable for inexperienced players.
A Player's Guide to Chamber Music by Paul Jeffery

About the author

Paul Jeffery is a graduate of Cambridge University and has spent most of his career in the computer industry. Playing the violin and the viola, he has many years of experience in a variety of chamber ensembles.