Advanced Airgun Hunting

John Bezzant
This fascinating and highly detailed book presents a training programme for all those hunters who wish to push the boundaries of airgun shooting to the very limits. The author has worked with some of the world's leading air rifle and scope manufacturers to produce this remarkable work. The book contains a detailed analysis of shooting techniques and a training programme for the advanced airgun shooter. It instructs the shooter on the mechanics of the long-range hunting air rifle and scope, and provides instructions on rifle servicing and maintenance. The precision alignment of the scope with the bore of the rifle on which it is mounted is discussed along with the use of the chronograph. The fine tuning of hunting air rifles to improve their accuracy is analysed and the employment of night-vision equipment and other devices for hunting at night and in dull light is examined. Fitness training for the shooter and the use of camouflage is covered. Finally, the mindset of the marksman, the techniques of marksmanship and describes two very demanding marksmanship tests is considered.
Advanced Airgun Hunting by John Bezzant

About the author

John Bezzant has over a quarter of a century's experience as a hunter, is one of the UK's leading writers on airgun hunting and has a monthly column in Air Gunner magazine. Moreover, he has access to leading gun manufacturers, designers and engineers, as well as scope manufacturers, and this has enabled him to carry out detailed research into precision airgun shooting.