Advanced Boxing

Rakesh Sondhi Tommy Thompson
Advanced Boxing utilizes the latest research in sports science and combat sports to focus on developing every aspect of a boxer's fighting to the most advanced extent. The focus of the book is on training a boxer to win competition fights. Sondhi and Thompson review the basics of boxing in order to provide the tools to begin an advanced boxing programme, focusing on specific development goals. They outline the best contemporary training methods, concentrating on yielding the most effective outcomes for the training boxer. Topics covered include: a 12-month training plan for considerably advancing a boxer's development; useful tips, lists and tables to help organize a training programme, and to maximize training effectiveness; the vitally important aspects of psychology, physiology, nutrition and coaching in a boxer's development; contemporary training methods based on the latest sports science thinking, and outlines new techniques for pad-holding, and finally, it focuses on turning a boxer into a winning athlete.
Advanced Boxing by Rakesh Sondhi Tommy Thompson

About the author

Rakesh Sondhi has studied Pak Lei Hung Kung Fu and Shotokan Karate since 1976, and has been practicing and coaching boxing for the last fifteen years. Rakesh, with Tommy, has previously developed the concept of coaching boxing through the tvp framework (technique, variety and (un)-predictability).
Tommy Thompson's career began in 1974. After sixty-nine fights he retired through injury. His coaching career started in 1981, and he is a senior ABA coach. Tommy is one of the most highly regarded boxing coaches in the UK.