Advanced Pottery

Linda Bloomfield
Advanced Pottery describes and illustrates the latest pottery techniques, particularly for making large or complex pots, with examples from leading potters from the UK and abroad. The book shows work from a cross-section of different studio potters and the materials, tools and methods they use. It focuses on advanced techniques, including throwing on the wheel, hand building, coiling, slabbing, making and using moulds and altering thrown work. Clays and glazes are explained in detail, highlighting the many different colours obtainable and giving recipes and methods for creating and modifying glazes. Firing techniques are also covered and instructions for building a fast-fire kiln are included. The book is intended as a practical guide to the latest techniques for potters, teachers, students and anyone interested in working with clay and glazes.
Advanced Pottery by Linda Bloomfield

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About the author

Linda Bloomfield BSc, PhD, originally trained as a materials scientist and worked as a scientific researcher at NEC in Japan and Imperial College in London. She now runs her own studio pottery business and sells her thrown tableware through shops and galleries across the UK and internationally. She is interested in glaze research and is currently writing a book on science for potters. She is married with three children and lives in London.