Alfa Romeo Alfasud

Chris Martin
Launched in 1971, the Alfasud was an all-new departure for Alfa Romeo, both in its design and its execution and became the best-selling model in the history of Alfa Romeo . Originally it was developed with the dual intentions of launching the company into large volume production and providing a more affordable model than their highly regarded sports cars. However, its story was far from straightforward. Although respected for its technically brilliant design and universally praised for its ride and handling, the model never quite reached its full sales potential and its reputation was marred by problems that could not have been foreseen. With over 240 colour photographs, the book includes a brief history of Alfa Romeo to the end of the 1960s. The development of the Alfasud’s design and the political reasons for building a new factory are given along with the car’s reception from both the press and owners. The evolution of the model from initial prototypes, to the improvements to build quality and performance, including the Giardinetta and Sprint variations are covered as well as Alfasuds in competition. The political and labour problems, as well as the early quality control issues are discussed. Finally, there are numerous specification tables, performance data, chassis numbers, engine codes and colour charts.
Alfa Romeo Alfasud by Chris Martin

About the author

Chris Martin was born in Hertfordshire, and while at school had a weekend job at local racing driver John Britten’s garage. He graduated through the motor trade in London, had a spell with an Alfa Romeo dealership when the Alfasud was a popular seller, worked on formula racing cars through the 1990s followed by twelve years in Formula One. Since moving to Australia in 2003 he has written for car-related websites, various magazines and is a regular contributor to Classic & Sports Car. He currently serves as President of the Australian Motorlife Museum. 

Press Reviews

The Alfasud's convoluted tale has rarely been appropriately told outside Italy, as English-speaking authors have generally stuck with a nauseating mix of unsubstantiated rumors and cheap jokes. Thankfully, author Chris Martin proves to be an exception and a very welcome one at that. The depth of his research on the topic is evident throughout the 176 pages of his book, which perfectly fulfills its title promise and can undoubtedly be regarded as the best English-language book available on this subject.

- Matteo Licata

This is a welcome addition to the Alfasud canon because it is a comprehensive look at the history of the model, as well as setting the context for its development by including introductory chapters on the history of the company.

- Amatori Alfa reviewer

Its full of solid facts .. and perhaps, the most interesting aspects of this book are the descriptions of the political, industrial and quality problems that surrounded the car.

- Ted Pearson

Everything you could possible want to know about Alfa's groundbreaking small car including the politics, the BMW-disguised prototypes, and the many aftermarket performance conversions. Utterly fascinating.

- Classic Cars reviewer