Alan Allard Lance Cole
The remarkable story of everything Sydney Herbert Allard achieved in motor sport and motor car manufacture is framed in an up-to-date commentary co-authored by his own son. This is a tribute unswayed by legend, but based on the facts and achievements of his eponymous company. With contributions from the Allard Owners' Club and Allard Register, this book contains painstaking research of Allard history from 1929 to the present day, including previously unpublished material. Just under 2,000 Allards were built, and approximately 510 are believed to remain on the road or known to be under -restoration. More await discovery - even as this book was being written, one of Sydney's long-lost 1930s 'Allard Specials' has been found after years being forgotten. Other topics covered in this remarkable book include: car-by-car engineering and design details; unseen ideas and projects; the history of the Allard marque in motor sport and the Allard story in the USA. Finally, it features the Allard Owner's Club, Allard Register, members and their cars.
Allard by Alan Allard Lance Cole

About the author

Alan Allard is the son of the marque's founder, Sydney Allard, and is also a significant motor sport and engineering figure in his own right - a pioneering, record-holding British dragster driver, national class rally driver, and the man behind the further development of supercharging. Today Alan leads the Allard Motor Company as it launches its new 'continuation' chassis built by Alan and his son, Lloyd. Younger son Gavin curates the Allard archives. Alan and his family are key supporters of the Allard Owners Club.
Lance Cole is from an automotive family hailing from Australia, Canada and the UK, and is a trained industrial desiger, writer, author and photographer. Lance's motoring journalism career was kicked-off by his becoming the 1983 Sir William Lyons Scholar. A national newspaper columnist, broadcaster and the author of fifteen books. Lance has owned many classic cars and has worked on an Allard restoration project for years.

Press Reviews

It is an involved yet fascinating story, well served by this new book, whose authors, Sydney’s younger son Alan and motoring journalist Lance Cole have produced an encyclopaedic work encompassing the life and exploits of an ambitious, talented, innovative yet also modest individual. At least 500 Allards of the 1900 originally made are known to exist many remain in active road or racing service, especially in the US where most were sold. A fine, especially well-written work, an absolute must for Allards fans and one which deserves prominence in any motoring enthusiast’s library.

- Kieron Fennelly

This new release, co-written by Sydney Allard’s son, Alan, and with the support of the revived Allard Motor Company, surely jumps straight to the
top of the list as the definitive history of Allard. It’s depth, at 240 pages, is impressive, as is the access to primary sources gained through the
involvement of the Allard family, which combined gives insights into the company that haven’t seen the light of day before. Never before seen sketches of Sydney’s models are particularly fascinating. The book is a must-have for Allard fans, and should be considered by anyone interested in the post-war UK car industry.

- Charlie Calderwood

A £40 hardback numbering fewer than 250 pages has an awful lot of work to do to win over this cynical and grizzled hack. Luckily it is off to a flying start by having as its subject the marque sired by one of my favourite British motoring polymaths, Sydney Herbert Allard. Allard - The Complete Story - is Book of the Month for October 2021.

- Octane Staff reviewer