Matthew Vale
This book tells the story of Alvis and its cars, aero engines and military vehicles. Starting with the formation of the company in 1919, it traces the company's products through the 1920s and 1930s, and through its wartime exploits to its eventual takeover by Rover. The book covers: the early four-cylinder cars; the amazing six-cylinder cars; early ventures into armoured car and aero engine production; the post WWII four- and six-cylinder cars; the Leonides post-World War II aero engines and finally, the post-World War II military vehicles.
Alvis by Matthew Vale

About the author

Matthew Vale devotes his time to writing books and articles on automotive matters and restoring his classic Lotus Elan Plus 2. This book was inspired by the story of a friend's Alvis undergoing a ground-up restoration, which is featured in the book. With many original photos taken by the author, the book provides a unique perspective on the products of a great British company.