Art of Letter Carving in Wood

Martin Wenham
The Art of Letter Carving in Wood is a thorough guide to this beautiful craft. Based on the v-cut method, it explains how to carve letters in a range of sizes, styles and different kinds of wood. The book progresses from the basic to the difficult, and from simply designing and carving letters to using them in a wide range of situations, from the purely practical and informative to the expressive and interpretative. Written by one of the UK’s leading and most respected lettering artists, this book not only covers the process of letter carving in wood but also does much more by explaining how to convey a message effectively. It looks at every aspect of designing the piece – be that using italics, spacing the letters, using letters, using the grain or adding colour. With over 500 illustrations, it is the definitive text for all letter carvers in wood.
Art of Letter Carving in Wood by Martin Wenham

About the author

Martin Wenham first learnt the technique of letter-cutting from a professional carver in 1967. Since then, he has developed his own techniques and approach and, after a career of teaching, established himself as a full-time carver. He first exhibited in 1982 and since then his work has been included in most major British exhibitions of lettering arts. His work is held in collections across the world and is sold by the Goldmark Gallery, Uppingham. Martin also regularly taught letter carving for twenty years at West Dean College.

Press Reviews

This is a remarkably comprehensive manual, the like of which has not been produced in this way before.

- Michael Rust, FCLAS, CertEd, Calligraphy & Lettering Arts Society