Arts and Crafts Architecture

Julian Holder
The Arts and Crafts Movement produced some of the country's most popular, loved and recognizable buildings. This book guides the general reader through its history from the mid-nineteenth century to the early twentieth. Of equal interest to those with a more informed interest, it will open your eyes to the richness and beauty of one of the most important artistic movements the British Isles ever produced. This beautifully illustrated book includes a comprehensive thematic introduction; an up-to-date history of Arts and Crafts architecture, the key individual and the characteristics of the buildings. In-depth case-studies of all the major buildings are given, as well as those overlooked by the current literature. There is a useful accompanying guide to places to visit and, finally, a list of stunning Arts and Crafts buildings you can stay in.
Arts and Crafts Architecture by Julian Holder

About the author

Dr Julian Holder teaches at Oxford University where he is a Visiting Fellow at Kellogg College. An architectural historian specializing in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, he has a long abiding love of Arts and Crafts architecture. Widely published over a long career he has held a number of posts in academia and conservation, including have been an Inspector of Historic Buildings, Director of the Scottish Centre for Conservation Studies at Edinburgh College of Art and was the first Casework Office of the Twentieth Century Society.