Automotive Detailing in Detail

Dom Colbeck Jon Steele David McLean
Automotive Detailing in Detail takes the combined experience and expertise of three leading detailing commentators to provide a thorough and expansive overview of automotive detailing techniques. From the pre-wash, wash and preparation stages, through machine polishing to paint protection and maintenance, every detailing stage is covered: surface types, contaminants and products are analysed, before the actual processes are laid bare. In the age of the internet and social media, a plethora of detailing knowledge is available online, yet it is strangely difficult to discover completely, or harness usefully. This book redresses the balance.
Automotive Detailing in Detail by Dom Colbeck Jon Steele David McLean

About the author

Dom Colbeck is one of the founders of Dodo Juice, a manufacturer of hand-made car-care products. He has also regularly held training and tuition days, for both amateur and professional detailers.
Jon Steele has undertaken extensive details on supercars as part of an exclusive detailing team.
David McLean was an early pioneer of internet forum detailing guides, and has written tens of thousands of words of advice.