Bass Fishing on Shore and Sea

John Darling
The result of more than thirty years' experience, Bass Fishing on Shore and Sea is a comprehensive guide to catching this beautiful yet challenging gamefish. The bass is wily and powerful, awesomely fast and fights with unparalleled aggression when hooked. Add to the the fact that the fish can be found along some of the wildest, most unspoilt shorelines or out on the lonely sea, and it is clear why bass fishing holds such allure for sport anglers. Topics covered include: where to look for bass and how to fish for them; tackle and techniques for shore fishing; what baits to use and how to obtain them; the equipment and techniques for boat fishing, both inshore and further out and fishing with lures. Illustrated throughout with superb photographs, this book is essential reading for all sea anglers.
Bass Fishing on Shore and Sea by John Darling

About the author

John Darling has devoted more than forty years to bass fishing, and has been writing about them for almost as long - he contributed - he contributed his first article to Creel magazine in 1964. He is a professional writer and photographer who articles and photographs appear regularly in leading fishing and outdoor magazines such as Shooting Times & Country and the Field.