Be Your Own Equine Sports Coach

Alison Lincoln
As riders, we often spend many hours training independently without regular access to high quality coaches, sport psychologists, biomechanic specialists or exercise physiologists. This can be the difference between performing well and performing to the best of your ability consistently and reliably over the long term. By bringing together the science of training, coaching and psychology, Be Your Own Equine Sports Coach explores the horse and rider as individual athletes and how, as a combination, you can meet the demands of competition by building highly personalized strategies and techniques that enable you to reach your potential in whatever discipline you choose and whatever your ambition. Key areas covered include: making sports psychology work for you; understanding human peak performance; the physiological and biomechanical demands of horse sport; developing sport specific training programmes; analysing your performance, and finally, strategic development and authentic leadership.
Be Your Own Equine Sports Coach by Alison Lincoln

About the author

Alison Lincoln has a degree in Equine Sports Coaching and has taught on Sports Science and Equine Science courses at several different colleges across the UK. As a lifelong rider and competitor, she’s always been fascinated by human peak performance, equine exercise physiology and biomechanics and how a knowledge of these areas can help to get the best out of both horse and rider.

Press Reviews

‘This book provides the reader with a complete picture of the requirements for achieving success in equestrian sport. The successful rider will not only be a great competitor on the day but will have an understanding of all the components that come into play in terms of training, conditioning and developing the equine athlete, who is their partner. This well researched book will stimulate the reader to analyse and understand what elements are involved in achieving the best out of their equine partner. I would recommend this book to any rider, whether amateur or professional, young or mature, who has aspirations to compete at the top level of equestrian sport.’

- Christopher Bartle FBHS, High Performance Coach - British Eventing Team