Bedford Buses and Coaches

Nigel R B Furness
Bedford Buses and Coaches provides a detailed review of the entire range of purpose-built Public Service Vehicle (PSV) bus and coach chassis that carried the Bedford name from 1931 until production ceased in 1986. Bedfords were once a familiar sight on the roads not only of the United Kingdom, but throughout the world. They were produced in such volume that the advertising slogan 'You see them everywhere' was quite legitmately adopted by Vauxhall Motors, the manufacturer of Bedford vehicles. Fully illustrated throughout with hundreds of photographs, the majority in colour, the book includes detailed descriptions of the Bedford petrol and diesel engines and other manufacturers engines used in Bedford bus and coach chassis. Detailed specifications and production histories are given for all the full-size passenger chassis including the WHB/WLB, WTB, OB/OWB, SB, VAS, VAL, VAM, Y-series and the Venturer. Road tests and owners' experiences are covered along with advice on buying and restoring a Bedford bus or coach.
Bedford Buses and Coaches by Nigel R B Furness

About the author

Nigel Furness was born in Chesterfield, Derbyshire, in 1955, and holds higher qualifications in Engineering, Computing and Education. His early working life was in electronic engineering and computers and he recently retired from a successful career in Further and Higher Education. Nigel is a strong supporter of the preservation and heritage movement, and maintains a hands-on involvement with old vehicles. He has owned and restored many classic vehicles over the years for his own enjoyment and for others.