BMX Racing

Tom Jeffries Ian Thewlis
For those new to BMX racing or improving their racing performance, BMX Racing, provides a practical and comprehensive resource for this exciting sport. It guides the reader through all stages and levels of racing, from beginner and club to professional level. Topics covered include: clothing and equipment for safe riding; choosing your first BMX bike; understanding the BMX track; getting started in racing and competition structure through the national, international and Olympic levels. Finally, there is practical instruction on techniques including balance, accelerating, cornering and jumping.
BMX Racing by Tom Jeffries Ian Thewlis

About the author

Tom Jeffries is an ex-BMX racer with five years' experience racing and seven years within BMX. He has been the photographer and writer for the Bradford BMX Bandits for the past two years, and works on Twenty 24 magazine.
Ian Thewlis rode BMX non-competitively in the late 1980s on tracks and trails. Thirteen years later, his eldest son showed an interest in joining the newly established local club, Bradford Bandits BMX Racing Club, and Ian became involved in the organizational and development side of competitive cycling and BMX racing.