Boxing: Training, Skills and Techniques

Gary Blower
Boxing - Training, Skills and Techniques is essential reading for both recreational and competitive boxers, and all those who wish to take up amateur boxing, or participate in a boxing-based programme. It offers practical advice on the many crucial factors that need to be taken into account if the boxer is to maximize his, or her, performance and potential.

An overview of the history of boxing, the amateur code, boxing weights, recreational boxing, equipment and attire

A detailed consideration of both basic and advanced techniques

The role of the coach

Fitness training, gym work, running, conditioning, speed and agility training

Making the weight and nutrition

Planning the season, and much more
Boxing: Training, Skills and Techniques by Gary Blower

About the author

Gary Blower has been a qualified fitness instructor for over thirty years and had over twenty-five years' experience in boxing as a competitive amateur boxer and as a trainer. He retired from competitive boxing after completing over fifty senior bouts and now has his own gym in Birmingham. Gary now teaches and prepares youngsters who have the ambition and ability to compete.

Resident: Birmingham