British Wool for Feltmaking

Britain has more native breeds of sheep than anywhere else in the world, providing a valuable source of wool for feltmakers. The characteristics of these breeds vary widely, making some more suitable for felting than others. Aimed at all levels of feltmakers, this helpful guide explores a selection of native breeds, and explains how their wool can be used successfully to create a variety of types and weights of felt. The book gives detailed information on each breed of sheep and then advises on their suitability for individual projects. It covers combining different wools, and blending colours to create colour and texture and includes how to work with raw fleece, and how to dye wool and felt. There are over 250 photos which illustrate a wide variety of felted projects.
British Wool for Feltmaking by

About the author

The International Feltmakers Association promotes felt in all its forms and emphasizes the importance of felt education. This book is a collaboration of experienced feltmakers, all members of the IFA.

Press Reviews

I have found British Wool for Feltmakers to be an inspiring and useful reference book. This book deserves to become a staple for felt-makers in Britain and around the world, packed with original, useful and accessible information which is not found elsewhere.

- Bronwen Thomas, reviewer British Fibre Arts