Building a Folding Model Railway Layout

Graham Goodchild
Determining where and how to store a model railway when it is not in use can be difficult, especially if space is severely limited; a folding railway layout can be the solution to this problem. The author has designed an ingenious folding wooden case that accommodates his truly remarkable N-gauge multi-track layout, and which is also suitable for an oval track layout in 00 gauge. In this fascinating book, the author describes all aspects of how to build the folding case and how to construct the layout within using lightweight materials such as rigid foam. Some of the most remarkable features of the layout are how to construct and install a working cable car, moving road vehicles, a revolving children's roundabout, and a helicopter with motorized rotor blades. There are over 300 excellent step-by-step diagrams and photographs.
Building a Folding Model Railway Layout by Graham Goodchild

About the author

Graham Goodchild has been making models for a hobby for over sixty years and learnt the art of draftsmanship and design as a boat-building engineering apprentice. He subsequently worked in production planning and design in the marine industry, and as a cartographer and traffic management officer for local authorities. Graham has designed many models that have appeared in British and US hobby magazines, and two of them were featured on national television in the UK and on the BBC World Service. Graham is the author of several books on constructing radio-controlled and scale display models. He designed and built the folding portable layout featured in this book as a retirement project.