Building and Operating a Realistic Model Railway

Allen Jackson
This informative book provides a step-by-step account of the construction, from scratch, of a model railway called Dovedale. The model is operated like a real modern railway and was built entirely by the author within a strict low budget, using, wherever possible, recycled materials. Moreover, Dovedale is based on a specific prototype that exists in Buxton in Derbyshire, where freight trains run into an interchange siding, the locomotive runs round the train and then departs to a different destination. Some model railways are operated somewhat chaotically and are characterized by frequent derailments and locomotives that stop arbitrarily. If you wish to move away from this kind of layout and construct a model railway that operates realistically and reflects more closely the way that railways actually work in the second decade of the 21st century, then this is the book for you. Whilst constantly emphasizing realistic operation, the book covers layout planning and construction, controllers, point motors, power supply, cables and connectors, ways of operating traffic flows, signalling, track droppers, control panels and wiring, control and interlocking, lighting, sequence and block bells, the use of closed circuit television, and much more.
Building and Operating a Realistic Model Railway by Allen Jackson

About the author

Allen Jackson joined the RAF as an engineering apprentice. He subsequently worked on Cold War aircraft and later taught at an engineering apprentice training school. After leaving the RAF he worked with computerized systems for the fire and rescue services in the UK and Bahrain, and formed his own company in 2004. Allen has been fascinated by real and model railways since childhood and has an extensive garden railway called Brymbo East Junction that is run like a real railway. This is Allen's fourth book for Crowood - his other three being the highly acclaimed A Contemporary Perspective on GWR Signalling - Semaphore Swansong (2015) and A Contemporary Perspective on LMS Railway Signalling - Semaphore Swansong Volumes 1 and 2 (2015).