By Tank

Ken Tout
Normandy 1944. Like most of his comrades Ken Tout was just 20 years old. Not until many years later did he feel able to gather their memoirs in three Hale books, "Tank!", "Tanks, Advance!" and "To Hell with Tanks!". Now these adventures are condensed into this one continuous narrative. Follow the ordinary young lads of the Northamptonshire Yeomanry through the massive enemy defences on Bourguebus Ridge, to the snows of the Ardennes, to the night crossing of the River Rhine, and finally to Grote KerkI, where they celebrated with liberated Dutch citizens. They were not professional soldiers but young conscripts willing to 'do their bit', knowing that their Shermans were outgunned by the enemy's much heavier Tiger and Panther tanks. "By Tank: D Day to VE Days" vividly recalls, in one complete volume, the whole experience of battle with utter authenticity: the fear, confusion, boredom, excitement and grief.
By Tank by Ken Tout

About the author

After theological college Ken Tout worked for many years overseas with voluntary organizations, including Oxfam, HelpAge International and the Salvation Army, and latterly as a consultant to the United Nations Unit on ageing. He has a PhD in gerontology and in 1994 was awarded the OBE for services to the elderly mainly in developing countries.

Press Reviews

A minor classic in battle-picture painting. It has an authenticity about it which could only come from deep personal experience, translated by a lucid pen.

- The Times

Movingly and evocatively written. Tank! surely merits a place on the bookshelf of Second World War classics.

- British Army Review