Cacti and Succulents

Graham Charles
Beautifully illustrated and highly accessible, this essential guide to cacti and other succulents is both a practical manual and a source of reference and inspiration for all enthusiasts. More than 250 different species or genera, and their natural habitats are described.

Topics covered include:

The unique nature of succulents

The natural environment

History, classification and nomenclature

Watering, feeding, general care and propagation

Pests and diseases

Profiles of cacti and other succulents
Cacti and Succulents by Graham Charles

About the author

Graham Charles first started growing cacti and succulents at the age of twelve and joined the National Cactus and Succulent Society in 1962. He qualified as a judge in 1972 and soon afterwards began to assemble his collection of documentated plants. Graham is a popular lecturer in Britain and has also spoken in various parts of Europe and in the USA.