Car Brakes

Jon Lawes
Modern car braking systems are designed to a very high standard, but the need for the home mechanic to know how to maintain their braking system is as important as ever. Whether upgrading your brakes at home or for the race track, Car Brakes offers guidance on upgrading, repairing and maintaining car braking systems. With step-by-step instructions, the book covers the key principles of braking systems, both drum and disc; stripping and rebuilding disc and drum brakes, and the replacement of brake pads and callipers; rebuilding and maintaining handbrakes and how to install a hydraulic handbrake; replacing and repairing brake lights; upgrading your brakes and finally, fault-finding and safety tips.
Car Brakes by Jon Lawes

About the author

Jon Lawes MRAeS is a motoring author and motorsport and aviation engineer. After an MoD apprenticeship in Aeronautical Engineering, he worked at Boscombe Down on aircraft used for trials and test flying, followed by work as a motorsport engineer and in teaching both aviation and motorsport engineering. His career has taken him everywhere from working on experimental military aircraft to supporting racing cars as diverse as Ferraris and Mazda MX5s. His television appearances include The Discovery Channel and ITV, providing expertise on motorsport related subjects.