Car Suspension

Julian Spender
This book provides an easy-to-follow practical guide to the maintenance, repair and modification of the different types of suspension used in cars. With over 170 illustrations, including colour photographs and diagrams, this practical book explains what suspension is and why it is needed; it reviews the different types of suspension of available; it covers the key maintenance and repairs that an owner can undertake, and finally, describes modifications in detail with step-by-step photographs.
Car Suspension by Julian Spender

About the author

Julian Spender tuned his father’s Victa 2-Stroke lawn mower when he was 10; he has been obsessed by internal combustion ever since. At 17, a missed gear change and 12000rpm later he rebuilt his first car engine. His passion for cars drove him to launch Balance Motorsport in 2004 and thenceforth he has become a specialist in car suspension.