Ceramic Burners for Model Steam Boilers

Alex Weiss Kevin Walton
This book covers the materials needed to make ceramic burners and explains how to silver solder them. It discusses LPG and holding tanks, as well as connecting pipework and electronic and mechanical automatic gas-control systems to monitor the boiler pressure. In addition, there is advice on how to set up, install and operate each burner to provide optimum heating to the boiler. A summary of the Boiler Test Code Volume 3 that applies to home-made gas tanks is included, together with a list of useful suppliers with their contact details. This book provides all the information you need to build and operate: three burners, with one variant, for boilers with 42mm, 35mm and 28mm horizontal flues; two round burners for vertical boilers with fire boxes; two different sizes of rectangular burner, with one variant, for use in horizontal water-tube or pot boilers and finally, one small round and one tiny oblong burner for use in Mamod and Wilesco boilers. The burners described are straightforward to make and simple to use to heat the water in boilers that meet the 3 bar litre limit in the UK Boiler Test Code.
Ceramic Burners for Model Steam Boilers by Alex Weiss Kevin Walton

About the author

Alex Weiss established a model engineering workshop over forty years ago and has written numerous books and articles, mainly about model making. All the burners described in this book have been designed, built and tested in working boilers by Alex and Kevin Walton, who has provided extensive technical support.
Kevin Walton, a professional consulting engineer, has many years' experience working with industrial commercial steam and hot-water boilers, also heating and ventilation systems. He has a well-equipped workshop and has built many different steam engines for boats, lorries and static use. He has also built the boilers to power them.

Press Reviews

This is an extremely useful book, absolutely full of detail, photographs and drawings.

- Model Engineer