Clock Cases

Nigel Barnes Karoliina Ilmonen
This practical, informative and beautifully illustrated book will be essential reading for all those with a passion for mechanical clocks. It will be of particular interest to both amateurs and professionals alike who wish to work on clock cases and restore them in the correct way according to modern best practice. The authors, both experienced horological restorers, examine in detail the restoration processes and provide detailed descriptions, and a wealth of photographs and diagrams. Difficult, and often misunderstood, areas of restoration and conservation are explained in the context of twenty-first thinking. The haphazard approach to clock case restoration, which has continued in some quarters almost to the present day, is no longer considered appropriate for preservation of the rapidly dwindling stock of clocks that represent our horological heritage. Accordingly, the authors emphasize that sensitive and sympathetic clock case restoration is essential and, indeed, is the most economically attractive approach to adopt.
Clock Cases by Nigel Barnes Karoliina Ilmonen

About the author

Nigel Barnes is a retired mining engineer whose family has a history of involvement in clockmaking stretching back to the eighteenth century. He is a member of the Institute of Conservator Restorers in Ireland. Nigel and Karoliina Ilmonen jointly operate a clock restoration, conservation and repair business (
Karoliina Ilmonen graduated as a furniture restorer from the Finnish University of Applied Science at Kouvola. She specializes in the restoration of European clocks and joined as a clock restorer in 2013. Karoliina is also a member of the Institute of Conservator Restorers in Ireland.