CNC Milling in the Workshop

Marcus Bowman
CNC control of milling machines is now available to even the smallest of workshops. This allows designers to be more ambitious and machinists to be more confident of the production of parts, and thereby greatly increase the potential of milling at home.

This new accessible guide takes a practical approach to software and techniques, and explains how you can make full use of your CNC mill to produce ambitious work of a high standard.

Authoritative advice on programming and operating a CNC mill.

Guide to the major CAD/CAM/CNC software such as Mach3, LinuxCNC and Vectric packages, without being restricted to any particular make of machine.

Practical projects throughout and examples of a wide range of finished work.
CNC Milling in the Workshop by Marcus Bowman

About the author

Marcus Bowman has been machining metal for forty years, and programming since 1970. A lifelong maker of models, clocks and tools, he enjoys the synthesis of machining technique and programming involved in applying CNC in the workshop, and uses CAD, CAM and CNC software to extend the boundaries of what can be achieved in his workshop.